iOS 7 is here

The seventh major release of Apple’s ground breaking mobile operating system has just been released with a complete graphical change and a number of cool updates.

The all new iOS 7 home screen

The all new iOS 7 home screen

After the WWDC in June Apple fan boys have been eagerly awaiting the release of the next iOS operating system for Apple’s mobile devices, and with good reason.

New on the horizon is iTunes radio – ground breaking according to some (my Grandad finds that difficult to believe), but none the less the newest addition to the i brand hits us and is fully supported on the new OS.

Airdrop is also admitted to the party for any iPhone version 5 and later as is another addition set to be released under the moniker “iOS in the car” – set for release in 2014 with Siri integration and offers eyes and hands free navigation, iMessage, phone and music.

The new graphics have been widely praised and marks a distinct move away from 3d orientated graphics of yester month, moving to an all new flatter 2d perspective.




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