Font Awesome 4 is released

Font Awesome, the font-based icon repository, has just released version 4 of it’s icon set!

It may sound like a small thing, but Font Awesome is a really great icon repository for good looking, vectored icons – because it’s font-based the are no messing around with alpha-layered .PNGs like we use to have to do a few years back and rendering time is very quick because file sizes are so small.  Also, as it’s a font, everything is assigned a unicode value so you can use CSS selectors such as before: and after: really easily.  If you aren’t using Font Awesome (or another repository such as Glyphicons) and you manage your own website or create websites for others then you really have to check it out!

The 4.0.0 release brings with it a few changes and additions such as 10 new icons, bringing the total to 370, and a new prefix class of ‘fa-‘, helping to standardise all icons names and speed up rendering.  Also, there is no extra CSS stylesheet for IE 7 compatibility but it still remains IE7 compliant, simplifying the way that Font Awesome is added to your site.  If you haven’t done so already, upgrade to Font Awesome 4 – Bootstrap CDN has the updated links along with the Twitter Bootstrap links without icons so reduce unneeded bloat! Links below:

Font Awesome

Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap CDN





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